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Firstly, I suggest you to use Skype for Linux instead of Wine. Wine is an emulator. Because of that, high latency for audio that capturing from your webcam is an expected thing. Secondly, make sure that your mic volume not more than %100. Thirdly, make sure that in Alsamixer CAPTURE feed both left and right zero.


2 possibilities if you cannot enable the webcam under windows and do not have the exact model number of the webcam: (no, the brand of the laptop doesn't count: we need the brand/model of the webcam itself) Before you choose one of the solutions, take pictures of all your BIOS screens (or painstakingly write them on a piece of paper, or if you have an ...


If you installed Skype from the repositories, you'll get updates when the repo maintainers release the update; typically days or weeks after Skype issues an update. If you installed Skype direct from the Skype site (either the tarball method or the .deb download), then it'll update when Skype issues updates, which, however, is significantly less frequent ...

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