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Note: We built Simon on Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) (Was a bad idea anyway). This should help you out too. QAccessibilityClientConfig.cmake qaccessibilityclient-config.cmake aptitiude install libqaccessibilityclient0 libaccessibility-dev WARNING: OpenCV was not found. Please specify OpenCV directory using OpenCV_DIR aptitude install libopencv-dev ...


The FindKDE4Internal.cmake file is in the kdelibs5-dev package. Just install that and you should be go.


Following answer from JohannesM : The correct spelling for the two packages are : libqaccessibilityclient0 and libqaccessibilityclient-dev but they are not in default repositories for 12.04. You can find them on there :


For Ubuntu 12.04 Try this after you added the PPA: Open a terminal and type in: sudo apt-get install gdebi-core mkdir -p simon/DEBIAN wget dpkg -e simon_0.3.0-1ubuntu8_amd64.deb simon/DEBIAN dpkg -x simon_0.3.0-1ubuntu8_amd64.deb simon/ gedit simon/DEBIAN/...


In the builds present in the ppa:grasch-simon-listens/simon there is a build for Ubuntu version 12.04 LTS. More recent Ubuntu version (>= 14.04 LTS) will have simon available from the universe repository. Alternatively we can always install software from the source available for download from the Simon KDE Project or from it's Launchpad branch.

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