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Update April 7: A different version added and found Albert, see update and Bonus bellow !!! Concerning dash functionality: You have asked " Is there anyway to change the default behavior of the launcher to check for this before opening a new window". Basic answer is, no, as a regular user you have no way of adding that behavior to dash. However, if there ...


1. Dash the Second Below a script that can be used as an alternative to Dash, when it comes to running applications as described in your question. It exists of a window with the same functionality as Dash; if type one or more characters of the application, the application will appear in the list. Press Enter to either start or raise the application, ...


I have not found a system-wide shortcut (even on OS X, the shortcut may change depending on the application), but there is a way to find the right shortcut for each prompt: When the prompt appears, hold alt and look at the underlined characters (as you would for an application top menu). Of course, we are interested in the "Close without saving" option ...


You can find it in the Ubuntu Software Centre.


After an hour of googling and trying, I've found a workaround to this weird problem. Install and run CompizConfig Settings Manager: sudo apt-get install ccsm ccsm Click Commands in General category. Ensure the module is activated. Add your custom command on the first tab and set a shortcut on the second one. I set the same command (shutter with options) ...


Goto System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Launchers. Now select 'Search' and hit the 'Backspace' button on the keyboard. Make sure the shortcut is now 'Disabled'. Now 'Ctrl+F' will work as usual.

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