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Simply paste the following lines in your ~/.bashrc file and open a new terminal (or restart your shell): pyrun() { cd ~/test/ . bin/activate cd project python manage.py runserver 4321 }


Use a *.desktop file. Look into it's documentation or at this answer. For Exec= use your path /usr/local/AppDir/App and if you need sudo, do something like gksudo /usr/local/AppDir/App. gksudo asks for the sudo passphrase in a graphical Window.


No, this is not possible, as the application menu in the dash is a lens. However, it's possible to show all installed applications by creating a desktop file containing a link to the application directory. Create the following file: [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Type=Link Name=Applications Comment=All installed Ubuntu Applications ...


You haven't mentioned the version of Ubuntu you are using, but the latest version for Ubuntu is 0.4.4, whereas this feature was added in 0.5.1. You will have to compile from source, or use an alternative, like Terminator, XFCE4 Terminal, Yakuake, etc.

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