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Yes, pkill. If your script is named, you can run: pkill -f Note that that command will kill all running instances of It will also kill any other process whose full commandline includes the string so, for example, it would kill your editor if you had launched it with something like ...


No, there is no pre-assigned shortcut. You can choose from many options to assign a shortcut to switch layouts from the menu: Keyboard Preferences > Layouts This menu can be found under System > Preferences > Hardware


The python code below is meant to be bound to two different shortcuts. For example for English, bind Ctrl+Alt+1 to python /path/to/script us And for Russian, bind Ctrl+Alt+2 to python /path/to/script ru For more info on setting shortcuts, read on Luis Alvarado's answer While in reality setting input source depends on it a sources index in gsettings ...


As far as I know all you can change is toggling to the next language. You can do it by clicking on the language display on the taskbar and select Text Entry Settings. There you are presented with two options: Switch to next source using: Switch to previous source using: By changing them you can toggle between languages. If you have only two languages you ...


You can write a shell script and have it open the files for you. Depending on your interface, there are various ways to add this to your desktop or menu. #! /usr/bin/bash FILES=" file1 file2 " # Option 1 - open files individually for file in ${FILES}; do less $file done # Option 2 - open files at once less ${FILES} # EOF Some tools will ...


Found this in another thread. What I needed to do is to rewire Unity launch button as a whole. in the Compiz Config open the Unity Plugin page, change the "Key to show the launcher" to anything other than just Super. Mine is Alt+Super. original thread Afterwards all started to work fine.


I ran into this problem too, my solution, however, was different. No hack or changing your systemwide keymap required IntelliJ has different Keymaps, which you can change according to your OS. You can change your IntelliJ Keymap from the settings. Just go to Settings -> Keymap and select your desired keymap from the dropdown. In my case, I chose "...


or you could just use the cinnamon-menu-editor

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