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If you have a full-size keyboard: Ctrl-Alt-Numpad 8 - Place window in top half of screen. Ctrl-Alt-Numpad 2 - Place window in the bottom half of the screen. Reference: What are Unity's keyboard and mouse shortcuts? If you're on a laptop, you may need to change the key bindings as you obviously won't have a number pad.


You can bind ESC to the Readline function unix-line-discard: bind '"\e": unix-line-discard' To make the change permanent, add the command to ~/.xinputrc: printf "bind '\"\\\e\": unix-line-discard'\n" >>~/.xinputrc And source ~/.xinputrc in ~/.bashrc: printf 'source ~/.xinputrc\n' >>~/.bashrc To load the change also in the current shell, ...


The keyboard shortcut in VirtualBox to switch to a TTY is (replace X with the number of the TTY you wish to switch to (e.g.: F1 for TTY1)): Host Key + FX Normally, the Right Control key is your host key.


Had The Same Problem Steps to Resolve the Issue; In gnome settings - click on the keyboard option -- then click on Universal Access -- then change the corresponding setting by clicking on (I.e. Turn On- Screen Keyboard on / off) and type a new short cut action I.e. -- Alt+t or Alt+s -- etc to avoid the short cut cant be used error message, this should ...

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