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Ctrl+Super+⇩ pressed once will exit the maximized mode, then on the second press - minimize it


If you installed keyconfig, but you can't find the "Send Now" option: 1) Open Thunderbird 2) Start composing a new message (in a new window) 3) In the main Thunderbird window, go to the Tools menu > Keyconfig 4) At the top of the Keyconfig window, there is a dropdown box, with one entry for each open Thunderbird window for example: - Inbox - Write (no ...


go to: Menu Settings Panel Key Bindings Add then press the desired Key and associated command. hope is that you want?


Imho it's a feature, I always use it since it's faster (I don't have to move my fingers from the arrow keys to return). Though it's strange that it isn't mentioned in the manual, they only write about return...

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