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According to this the anwser is a resounding NO Intellectual property rights policy You can redistribute Ubuntu, but only where there has been no modification to it. I am sure I can host guides, but not any modified ISO


I personally believe that not only would this not be a problem but there are even some Ubuntu Community Wiki guides to help you along in producing a customised ISO: LiveCDCustomization InstallCDCustomization LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch However if you wished to redistribute your ISO there would be a few caveats: your ISO could not be called 'Ubuntu' ...


make your file inside a folder, use any available tools (any ToISO in windows,ex poewer ISO etc) to convert that folder to an iso file then mount that iso to virtual os from settings>storage>add optical disk>existing>the made iso change boot order if necessary then turn on your virtual ubuntu then you see your required files as a inserted CD


(I don't have reputation to comment so..) I had installed windows 8.1 on drive C:. I then installed ubuntu 15.10 on drive D:. Now, all the ntfs partition including C: is visible and accessible to Ubuntu but drive D: is no longer ntfs and hence not visible to windows. If this fits your needs, I will explain steps of doing so.

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