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libgmp.so.3 is only available for 12.04, it's part of the libgmp3c2 package. If you're running Ubuntu 12.04, try to install the missing package: sudo apt-get install libgmp3c2 Note: As of 14.04, installing python-gmpy from Ubuntu repositories will automatically install libgmp-dev which provides libgmp.so.10.


Regarding to for Qt doc: The Qt installers for Linux assume that a C++ compiler, debugger, make, and other development tools are provided by the host operating system. In addition, building graphical Qt applications requires OpenGL libraries and headers installed. Most Linux distributions do not install all of these by default, but setting up a development ...


It's hard to give a concrete solution without knowing the background of the issue. As a workaround you can create symbolic links : ln -s /where/it/is /where/it/needs/to/be So, for your case: ln -s /usr/local/lib/jderobot/libcolorspacesmm.so /home/ivan/Desktop/jderobot/JdeRobot/src/stable/libs/visionlib/colorspaces/libco‌​lorspacesmm.so ln -s ...

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