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What you want is called bash prompt To get |>$ simply run PS1="|>$" in your terminal, if this is what you want then you should edit your .bashrc to make it permanent. Find section looked like this: if [ "$color_prompt" = yes ]; then PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]\$ ' else ...


Well, according to Wikipedia, there are two official languages in Kosovo, so I wouldn't say there was a misunderstanding. ;-) Rather the installer made a guess with respect to your desired regional format setting based on your location. To change it, go to System Settings -> Language Support. Then select the Regional Formats tab and change it to your ...

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