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Recoll is probably the most versatile document search engine you will find on Linux: It supports a plethora of different formats and is very customizable. For installation instructions and other pointers please check out this answer. The official documentation is very useful, too.


Install the package pdfgrep sudo apt-get install pdfgrep then use the command: find /path -iname '*.pdf' -exec pdfgrep pattern {} +


Use DocFetcher, it is a native Linux application that indexes and searches through multiple document types.


first download "wine" software in your desktop In this win install seekfast as link given below http://seekfast.org/download-seekfast you can do your work its working ,if its not then plz comment me


Type the following commands: gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Lenses home-lens-default-view > broken_scope.txt gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Lenses home-lens-default-view \ "['applications.scope', 'files.scope']" Now you have an absolute minimal lens scope (only applications and files; no music, no videos, no pictures, ...) (you might have to log ...


I believe that your are facing this issue due to file format issue and most cause due to the editor you used to edit the script file. You can change the file format in Vim using the below command. :set ff=unix :wq

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