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7 days that's 60 seconds*60minutes*24hours*7days = 604800 seconds Find out current date in seconds (Unix epoch time): $ date +%s 1448876323 Subtract the 7 days in seconds: expr $(date +%s) - 604800 1448271548 Now take stat command and print stats for all files in format "name + time in seconds" and use awk to crop off those files whose modification ...


With zsh: ls -l **/*(.m-7) **/* will look for files recursively starting from current directory (.m-7) is glob qualifier where . indicates regular file, m-7 indicates files that were modified within last 7 days


Of course. From the directory you are in do ... find . -type f -mtime -7 -exec ls -l {} \; Add a redirection to it (aka > results.txt to store them into that file). type f does only files and not directories mtime -7 does 7 days ago up to now (+7 would be 'older than 7 days') and it then feeds it to ls to show a long list You can play with the ...


I think i've figured it out. I went to Files on left hand side and typed file name in search bar to bring up the file i wanted.


You can turn off the online search in your System Settings → Security & Privacy → Search:

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