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If making the screen sleep works, then almost certainly the toggle- script below will work: #!/bin/bash # --- set your monitor below monitor=VGA-0 # --- if [ -z "$(xrandr | grep $monitor | grep +)" ]; then xrandr --output $monitor --auto else xrandr --output $monitor --off fi The script toggles on/off a monitor, to be set in the head of the script: # ...


How about xset dpms force standby which just does the obvious, turns the display off (there are options of on, off, standby, suspend). You can simply use the reverse xset dpms force on to resume; you could have a script linking via ssh to turn the other PC's display on/off as required: xset dpms force standby; ssh other_pc xset dpms force on


I fixed it. Had suspected a brightness problem - as it had happened to me with android. I tried the development chNnel and was able to very dimly see the screen. Turned the brightness up from minimum, and problem solved.ta

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