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I tested the script below on Ubuntu (Gnome) Classic and Gnome Flashback (Metacity) 14.04. The "mixed" application of xdotool and wmctrl was necessary because of some peculiarities I ran into writing the script for Metacity. The solution As a result of the fact that I wanted the script to: determine which is the left/right screen calculate both monitor's ...


Just ran into the same problem on my Dell Vostro. Here's the solution that worked for me: It turned out that Ubuntu just saves brightness level set by fn+brightness keys on my laptop. Different levels for different states: plugged and unpluged. So, I just had to set up my brightness level twice :) I know it's super easy, but I still had to Google a bit ...


Civ 5 has a version for Linux. Try installing Steam for Linux and then installing Civ 5 there. You may actually get better performance this way too!

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