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Finally figured out how to print a #10 envelope with LibreOffice on Samsung M2070. Open a new document in Libreoffice, go to top of frame, click Insert, scroll down and click Envelope. A window titled Envelope will open, you can add the Addressee and Sender. Once that is done, click Format tab, under Size, click drop down menu of Format and choose #10 ...


59.79 is really 60. Sometimes refresh rates are off of 60 by a tiny bit, but it shouldn't matter. Any visual fatigue you're experiencing could be fixed by using a different desktop environment, such as GNOME, MATE, KDE, or LXDE. You could also try using a background with slightly dimmer colors. However, I feel that eye fatigue is somewhat subjective. If you ...


If you have set enabled USB Debugging in Developers Options on your devices, just connect your phone with PC by USB. USB Debugging would turn on automatically an you would see an icon in phone's notification bar Linux doesn't need any additional drivers like Windows.

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