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I don't get the error you're getting. I see rvm download a slew of arbitrary shell script commands from site on the internet which it then tries to run as the superuser using sudo. My imagination is sparkled by so many possible ways to own someone's system right now. Anyway, to test this is had a container with a terminal installed (in my case, I used ...


The error means you have some incorrectly formatted lines in your ~/.bashrc file. It looks like you might have copied + pasted incorrectly under the section on installing ruby using rbenv. The easiest way to solve this is to edit your .bashrc file and either correct or remove the lines the tutorial inserted. What your .bashrc should contain (according to ...


I had the same issue. It's caused by ruby update in new Ubuntu. Just uninstall jekyll and install it again: gem uninstall jekyll gem install jekyll


I encountered the same problem and then realized that my Rakefile was created in the wrong directory -- i.e. I had made my Rakefile in the lib directory, when it actually needed to be in the hello directory. As soon as you move the file, the problem is solved.

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