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If I understand you topology is -------- ---------- eth1 --------- | PC | | server |-------------| modem | -------- ---------- eth0 --------- eth0| |eth0 |-----------| Solution is something like this EXP: PC setup eth0 ip: nm: gw: Server setup eth0 ...


I did a test and found that if I manually change the IP to the same IP the DHCP gives then my connection is fine. I added 1 to the IP and it was still fine. I went close to my desired IP and it was still fine. Once I use I get the same issues. Current Solution The IP in question has been manually "leased" by the router router before. I say "...


For VirtualBox with windows host and linux(mint) guest, go to the Network UI tab and set for "Adapter" => "Attached to : NAT" and "Adapter type : Paravirtualized network". After that start your VM and you should be able to use VPN network.

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