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This should set up port-forwarding on your box, though you may just have to use iptables. echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward


This kind of problem is probably not a problem with Ubuntu, rather with the router. Because this is a problem with the router, I would check out your router's User Manual, as there are setup instructions in there. If D-Link didn't include a print copy of the User Manual with your Router, here's a link to it: I assume that you can view the PDF in some way, ...


to find your router. open settings (icon of gear and wrench) open icon marked "network" and look for the heading marked "default route". Copy the default route and then paste it into a your browser. It should take you to the router If you have not changed the login the user should be either admin or user and the password may simply be pressing enter. It ...


Solved completely Now I have the correct settings and whole setup is working, so I can access the server from internet via a public IP (WAN1) and route LAN to the internet via WAN2 and still I can access the server via its public IP (WAN1) from LAN. This is the routing which had to be configured to make it work in a way I had described before: ip route del ...

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