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I found a workaround for those who use Rhythmbox, and I'm crossposting this from it's issue tracker: Since I use Picard for properly tagging albums BEFORE I import them into Rhythmbox (and also, before they're copyed into ~/music), I managed to find a workaround for this. Picard has a plugin (included out-of-the-box) called "Feat. artists in titles". The ...


Rhythmbox does have a C / Python API which you can use to add and change details of tracks / songs/ radio stations / podcasts etc. You don't write directly to the local rhythmdb.xml - this is an internal XML format subject to change between versions. In the following sample the key parts are as follows: "iradio" is the entry_type that corresponds to ...


Check out iTunesToRhythm The code has been maintained in 2014. According to the website it also supports Amorak and Windows media player. There is an extensive description on the website. I tried it myself and it worked well.

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