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#1 Back up your data! #2 Add the user with the exact same username as before. #3 You should have all your settings and files back. Alternative for geeks: #1 Backup Backup Backup your data! #2 Add this line to then end of /etc/passwd (replace [username] with your username, replace 1700 with your previous userid, and replace 1701 with your previous groupid - ...


"I am going to install this in 200+ computers, so having to manually update via sudo or change the clock would be way too time consuming." Not the answer to the question but I believe there is a better method for what you are asking. There is a piece of software called puppet where you have a "master" and an unknown amount of "puppets" where the master ...


No, you cannot restore your iPhone from Ubuntu. Restoring an iDevice requires iTunes, which is not available for Ubuntu.

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