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It does not matter. Because if you install and run the software after restoring back, the software will start using config files right away, because those files came from restore. but when you install software and then restore the config files will be overwritten. You will be back when you made the backup. if you do this way, make sure you have closed all ...


The Systemback tool allows you to create restore points, backups, and live images of a running system. I use it to make a "Master Backup" if something is really broken. Systemback creates a full system image for restore, either save it to USB or create a bootable Live CD (ISO file) with option to restore full system. You won't find Systemback in the ...


These steps should solve your problem, taken straight from https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/reserve-1 Boot problems with Windows 8, can often be solved in the following manner. If you don't have an install DVD of Windows 8, then download a free evaluation copy of Windows 8 at Microsoft itself: ...


you can burn the windows.iso in liunx. and reboot and reinstall windows that way. so you boot in ubuntu, and launch brasero, burn the windows.iso and reboot. another solution may be to reinstall using an OEM partition that contains all the file to reinstall windows. I don't know how. May be use boot the windows cd and look for a recover or reinstall option ...


I realize that this is an old question, but I was restoring lightning data after an OS crash. This is what I did to get my calendar working: Close Thunderbird if it's running Copy all files from backup profile directory's calendar-data subdirectory into your new profile directory. Likely local.sqlite is the only file needed, but I had a few others so I ...


Enter the following into a terminal sudo apt-get remove mbuntu-lightdm-v3


I worked it out, while creating a file history in windows, a folder named Data is created where all files are stored. I was confused by the names of the folders. Have a great day ;)

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