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First, before you do anything else, there is always a small chance you will loose data, so back up your data. The free (unallocated) space must be right next to (adjacent / touching) the partition you wish to expand. You have a lot of partitions in a somewhat chaotic sequence, thus the free space is not adjacent to the partition you wish to enlarge. So ...


You need to shift /dev/sda5 to the right, so the unallocated space will be next to /dev/sda9. Then you can resize /dev/sda9. EDIT: CARE! This will take time, and you can't abort it. For such a small space however it should be ok. EDIT2: In case it's not obvious enough, you shift it by grabbing the box and pulling it to the right.


This did the job for me: sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda1 Where sda1 is the NTFS partition with the issue. After that command and next restart into windows, it will check the disk and things will work fine again.


After your clone, I would use gparted to resize as needed.

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