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To build offline local repository see How to make my own local repository? The answer is NO. If the system architectures are same and you are using same distribution of Ubuntu in both your desktop and server, same repo can be used. Further reference Ubuntu Sources List Generator


You could try and run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade which does update more packages as the normal "upgrade" package would do. Also a call to sudo apt-get check and sudo apt-get -f can't hurt.


If you have disabled all repositories then this is the problem for the application which you are trying to install is from one of those repositories. So you would either need to activate them all, or find the specific one which this software uses and activate that one.


Found a solution. I changed my aptly configuration to include the other architectures. { "rootDir" : "/home/repoman", "ppaDistributorID" : "Ubuntu", "ppaCodename" : "trusty" "architectures" : ["amd64","i386","all"] } and then I removed -architecture from the other commands. The packages are listed in the amd64 repos with the arch of all. It ...

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