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This is an example to download a deb file. This can be done. But it need not be, if you add a PPA to the system. e.g.: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:inkscape.dev/stable But let's go on with the example of downloading. Go to the PPA page, e.g. “Inkscape Developers” team Use the link eg. Inkscape Stable Use the link View package details Use the link ...


The apps website will show you everything Ubuntu Software Center has with the same categories. All of the below options will generally show you the same results with a 1 line description. You will have a better search if you first decide what category you search fits into though. From USC ... Accesories: The 1 line description often is enough to get ...


Everything is good, you can ignore the problem, that's a bug. Your command has caused no harm. The "problem" was this, and that's ok in your case: softwareproperties.ppa.PPAException: 'Error reading https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~team-xmbc: Not Found' in: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/add-apt-repository", line 119, in ...


If you want to install packages on an offline system, apt ist prepared for this. This link is for xubuntu, but it will also work on your ubuntu system. All you need is another system with apt and internet access.


Start sbuild with double quotes for the repository: sbuild --extra-repository="deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ vivid main" Check if your user is in the group sbuild with groups If not, use this command: sudo usermod -a -G sbuild $USER


I have not run a test on 15.04 yet. But, it sounds like something went wrong with the adding of the ppa. Could you try and remove everything (q)tox related. Add the ppa again install qtox, and run update. If that fixes things, great. I will also test the tox repo on Ubuntu 15.04 later on. here is how to remove anything tox related: Terminal First remove ...


Follow this link on kdevelop package in Ubuntu and use this repository: PPA for Andreas Roth There, however, a large number of packages is provided. Be careful what you install or are upgrading. sudo apt-add-repository ppa:aroth/ppa


It looks like netbeans is not ready for vivid as of now. You can however, install it by running the following commands: sudo apt-get install gdebi wget http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/n/netbeans/netbeans_7.0.1+dfsg1-5ubuntu2_all.deb sudo gdebi netbeans_7.0.1+dfsg1-5ubuntu2_all.deb Review any changes before confirming to accept. You will ...


Use ppa:mercurial-ppa/releases instead. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mercurial-ppa/releases


apt-mirror is meant to be run by the user apt-mirror, not root. So don't run it as root. It will mess everything up. First, make sure that the path is owned, readable and writable by the apt-mirror user. And launch it as that user: sudo -iu apt-mirror apt-mirror


It's the same repository (pool) for all series; and in any case you can never reuse a version for files with different content once it's been used in any given archive. You must upload with a changed version number in order to get new builds.

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