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Do you need it bare metal install? If not, Install VirtualBox, then install Ubuntu inside that? (free) If so, Maybe you can ship a USB to someone on-site and walk them through it? (almost free) If so, Is it possible or within budget to purchase/rent/borrow a network KVM? Ebay has some for very cheap. With that, and someone putting a bootable USB ...


I would use a vnc-server and vnc-client. You could use tightvnc or realvnc. I would prefer tightvnc (sudo apt-get install tightvncserver). If the vnc-server starts at boot and autologin is configured it should work.


PXE is the way to go here , however your device will need to support network booting and have that enabled in the BIOS. Most devices with built in ethernet can do it now but some of the cheaper versions have it disabled. There are instructions on setting up your PXE environemnt here, its quite involved and tricky to test so i won't both paraphrasing them ...


You can install Compiz using these commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install compiz compiz-plugins-extra After installing compiz open dash and type ccsm. Open compiz. In compiz window management enable shift Switcher. Assign initiate key (All Workspaces). grab any key you want.

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