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set up the infrared remote control on a MacBook with Ubuntu. In order to recognize and active the infrared commands and execute the actions for each key, we will use the package LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control). In Ubuntu, it can be installed, along with utilities, from the command as super user: # aptitude -y install lirc lirc-x xautomation # mkdir ...


One very convenient and free solution is to install the TightVNC (www.tightvnc.com) server on the desktop you want to control. Teamviewer isnt free if you use it a lot.


My response is probably very late for you, nevertheless it may help you if you haven't found another solution already. The 100% vino compatible VNC client you can use is vinagre. I am using it for years. You can find it in the repos. :) p.s. Vino is the name of the default VNC server in Ubuntu.

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