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There is no release of quickly package in Ubuntu 15.10. You can see here: Try any other version of Ubuntu.


I saw that Question but I am confused whether it is also not available for 16.04. Those two packages are not available for 16.04. There are no releases of quickly or quickly-ubuntu-template packages in Ubuntu 16.04. That's why the question was marked as a duplicate question. An alternative software to Quickly is Illumination Software Creator. Version 6 ...


You can use a combination between Gtk.fixed(),GObject.timeout_add and the function move, here is an example in python : #!/usr/bin/python* from gi.repository import Gtk, GObject class TestWindow(Gtk.Window): def animateImage(self): GObject.timeout_add(150,self.slideImage) def slideImage(self): self.positionX += 50; if(...

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