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Desktop file can not be launched by directly from Exec. So, use gtk-launch as follows in your second file Exec option: [Desktop Action fav-teamviewer] Name=TeamViewer Exec=gtk-launch teamviewer.desktop /usr/share/applications OnlyShowIn=Unity By this way you will be able to launch teamviewer.desktop by launching this file. From man gtk-launch: NAME ...


There are two ways to disable shopping results from your dash: From dash search and open Privacy dialog. In Search Results tab turn off Include online search resuts. In terminal write: sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping, log out and log back in again


For nautilus of ubuntu 14.04, you will have to edit gtk3.10, the same way as stated above, as the SideBar functionality was now ported into gtk (so that the file-open dialogue sidebar and the nautilus-sidebar are not separated implementations any more) edit /gtk/gtkplacessidebar.c I also tried this http://pastebin.com/K4GcHrz7 in nautilus-window.c, as ...

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