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UPDATE PPA Supposedly this PPA will do the trick, but I haven't tried it as I am just using the git version so I can more easily build newer version in the future. If you want a nice packaged version then here is the launchpad. CONTINUE BELOW FOR SOURCE COMPILE FROM KDE I figured out how to solve the ...


Not so satisfying solution: Suddenly, a big number of the issues were automatically solved by an update: the titles font in titlebars and the plugins font (like time and date, wifi options, etc) are back to normal font size. In the terminal (konsole), the cursor (and font) are back to normal. In kate (text editor), the spacing and fonts have been set back ...


The resolve is sometimes not that easy, especially if apport itself is involved, here is the way I would approach it: First as mentioned bring your apt list up to speed with: sudo apt-get update Now onto fixing the problem itself: sudo apt-get install --reinstall apport sudo apt-get -f install sudo apt-get dist-upgrade And if this is still not enough ...


You are holding packages in inconsistent state. Please run sudo apt update and sudo apt-get -f install to resolve dependencies problems.

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