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Ambiance GTK is the default theme and Ubuntu Mono (dark) is the default iconset (Ubuntu tweak tool can be used to change it if you want to match Ubuntu with your QT)


Using the Unity Tweak Tool, I have found out that the default icon theme for Ubuntu 16.04 is Ubuntu-mono-dark.


You're running into part of the security structure, which even in configure: devmode still prevents the snap from doing arbitrary operations on the system. I've been fooling around on the snappy-playpen github, (which has a gitter chatroom), but I am by no means an expert. If you are defining plugs for each of your apps/parts and are hooking them up to the ...


Try installing libqt4-dev to install the Qt4 development files.


This is what I did to embed an image in the "binary": I'm using a qmake project with the default folder structure in Ubuntu SDK. I made a directory to store my images: project_name/backend/your_click/images. With the backend folder I created a new resource file resource_file.qrc that contains the following: <!DOCTYPE RCC><RCC version="1.0"> <...

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