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I am able to run on the Desktop target now. I've installed qt5-defaul and then configured the QT version in the Desktop target. Not tried with the emulator but the Desktop is sufficient to develop


Follow these steps to install Qtruby+Qt4 run following command in terminal sudo aptitude install libqt4-core libqt4-dev Download qtruby from version=2.1.0 wget${version}.tar.gz Extract qtruby tar -xvzf qt4-qtruby-${version}.tar.gz cd qt4-qtruby-${version} ...


I would run the program from a terminal with a GDB server (as root) and then connect to the server with gdb from QtCreator. You would start gdbserver with something like this: $ sudo gdbserver host:2345 ./MyApp Here, you are hosting the server with port 2345. You can also check if your application is indeed running with UID 0. $ sudo ps -u Now, in Qt ...

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