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Don't use QtQuick Controls, or ship the QtQuick Controls you need as part of your application. Ubuntu provides its own set of QML widgets under the Ubuntu.Components namespace, instead of using those provided by QtQuick Controls. If you want your app to feel native on an Ubuntu device, you should use those widgets. If that's undesirable or impossible, you ...


Open Files file manager and browse to /usr/share/applications Find the Qt Creator icon in the /usr/share/applications directory, copy the Qt Creator icon, and paste it to your Desktop.


I ran into the same problem on 15.04 with Qt 5.4, and Intel integrated graphics. I found this workaround to get it running, from the command line: KDE_FULL_SESSION= XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP= qtcreator In my case, I installed from the download tool from the Qt website, so I had to modify the command to point to my Qt Creator binary. Mine installed to ...


It sounds like you should be using Drag and Drop in addition to just MouseArea, as shown in https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/current/QtQuick.Drag/

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