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This is what I did to embed an image in the "binary": I'm using a qmake project with the default folder structure in Ubuntu SDK. I made a directory to store my images: project_name/backend/your_click/images. With the backend folder I created a new resource file resource_file.qrc that contains the following: <!DOCTYPE RCC><RCC version="1.0"> <...


You can see a copy of the OptionSelector qml here it uses UbuntuNumberAnimation when it's not expanded. There's no option for switching it off and if the feature is required you're going to have to patch upstream and wait a while for new versions of the library. You could make your own open selector widget though, remove the animation part and make sure you ...


I had the same error by launching a scope app. I had to install qt5-default then configure the QT runtime in the Desktop Kit target.

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