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I found a workaround, although it may not be the best way to do it but it works. first, animations should be changed to PropertyAnimation { id: animationOne; target: bigLike;alwaysRunToEnd: true; property: "opacity"; to: 1; duration: 500 onStopped: animationTwo.start()} PropertyAnimation { id: animationTwo; target: ...


The problem is not in building, but that your emulator doesn't have the 15.04 framework on it. You might try downloading a newer emulator image, but I'm not sure if the 15.04 framework has made it onto them yet. The --force-missing-framework option is meant for the install command running on the emulator, not your build command. If you copy your click ...


You didn't specify what type of package you wish to build. I'm going to assume that you want to build a click package, suitable for installation on an Ubuntu phone. If you're using Qt Creator with the Ubuntu SDK plugin, there is a "Publish" tab on the the left-hand side. Select that, and then click the "Build and validate click package" button. The click ...


I know about detecting the system using simple ping command: TTL 64 Linux/BSD 128 Windows 255 UNIX You can change the default TTL, but it is usually the default one. Or try the nmap: nmap -O But you have to study these command (sources) to find the answer you need.


Abstract Buttons do indeed come with haptic feedback out of the box and does not require any special properties to enable it. It sounds like you are experiencing a bug. Perhaps if you can add the code of your custom round button, one can confirm and check if it works on our end or not.

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