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Most likely you following a PyGtk 2 guide when trying to implement this: According to the GTK 3 documentation there is no function named gtk_window_add_accelerator, but there is a function named gtk_accel_group_connect that looks like its going to get the job done. When working with GTK documentation it's usually 80% gut feeling and 20% checking the docs to ...


You are doing this far too complicated. If it's included in python3, just create it with : python3 -m virtualenv You can even create an alias if you wish to alias virtualenv3='python3 -m virtualenv' Depending on the machine, you might need to specify the interpreter: alias virtualenv3='python3 -m virtualenv -p python3'


Install Pip for Python3 sudo apt-get install python3-pip And then use it to install packages into Python3 sudo pip3 install paperclip


Did some additional research, and installing setuptools and running easy_install on the package solved the problem for me.


apt-get install vim-nox It will install with +python3.


You can install django with pip3, which is an easy way. Follow below to install pip3 and django: sudo apt-get update. Update your repositories to get the latest application versions available in your repositories. sudo apt-get install python3-pip. This will download pip3. sudo pip3 install django. This will download the latest global django version for ...

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