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Open a tty (Ctrl+ALt+F1) and login. Then run: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.


Ubuntu 12.04 ships with python 2.7.3. You should be able to download https://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.7.6/Python-2.7.6.tgz and follow the README file. The steps should be simple enough. ./configure make make install Note that you don't have to remove python-2.7.3 from your system to install an other version. You can switch between different versions ...


I have started work on this. See the commit here which will allow you to build a python distribution of guestfs: https://github.com/libguestfs/libguestfs/commit/fcbfc4775fa2a44020974073594a745ca420d614 Unfortunately we are waiting on the Python Software Foundation to resolve a licensing problem with the PyPi website before I am able to upload anything.


You'll have to download it an run it from sources: http://pynsource.googlecode.com/files/pyNsource-1.61-src.zip Extract the zip file and go to the pyNsource-1.61-src folder to change the rungui.sh mode bits: chmod +x ./rungui.sh Install the following dependencies: sudo apt-get install python-configobj python-wxgtk2.8 An just run the above script to ...


@cyberbills answer is completely correct, but I wanted to add a little more explanation. You aren't supposed to edit simpleRun.py to add your path -- it's already defined, and the "help" argument is there to give you help when you actually run the simpleRun.py script from the command line. To put it another way, the help argument doesn't hold the path, ...


Instead of editing the py file, you would simply call the simpleRun.py with the argument: python simpleRun.py -mf /home/lai/Downloads/influence_matrix_file/hprd_inf_.mat or python simpleRun.py --infmat_file=/home/lai/Downloads/influence_matrix_file/hprd_inf_.mat


~/ is the same as /home/lai, so you want to be using ~/Downloads or /home/lai/Downloads.

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