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Seems to be a bug that it is reported here It should work if you install a later version of pip. You can remove the current pip installation with: sudo apt-get purge python-pip Then install it from github(it is a later version): wget https://raw.github.com/pypa/pip/master/contrib/get-pip.py python get-pip.py Edit If it still won't work try this as it ...


No need to spend this ridiculous amount of money on fluendo! Use it for a donation or to buy some flowers instead. There is another way: Make sure to install both mplayer and lame. To do this open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and paste (right-click -> Paste) the following line and hit Enter to run: sudo apt-get install mplayer lame Enter your password when ...


Placed the camera libraries under /usr/bin/ where the python.exe exists and it worked.


Normally, in Ubuntu, python defaults to python2. So you probably have a #!/usr/bin/env python3 # or similar in the top of your script. Either if this is the case or if you have changed the defaults, in the header of your program, change #!/usr/bin/env python # (or the more probable python3) to #!/usr/bin/env python2 # In standard Ubuntu, ...


Check your ~/.bashrc and/or .bash_aliases to find if you have any kind of alias like this: alias python=python3 Change it accordingly to python2.7


the best way to install python modules in python is do sudo apt-get install python-pip and then do sudo pip install name_of_python_module for you sudo pip install pygame and if you are unsure about name of any of the modules you can do pip search name_of_python_module and it will give you the search results and take the name and install by ...


My way did not involve the terminal at all but stil, I hope it helps. Here's what I did: Step 1. Highlight the names of all the files you want to move. Step 2. Press Ctrl(control key) and c and the same time Step 3. Go to the folder you want to put your files in, press Ctrl(control key) and v at the same time You're done. Hope it helped you!!

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