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You need to install the SIP wrapper before you install PyQt5. Alternatively, the package python3-pyqt5 is in the repos.


The full error message tells you part of the solution: you need to compile nauty with the -fPIC flag. Download nauty, unzip it, cd into the dir CFLAGS=-fPIC ./configure make Download pynauty, unzip it, cd into the dir ln -s ../nauty* nauty However, the pynauty's setup.py file appears to be misconfigured: it doesn't include the correct nauty files and so ...


I'm not clear on your steps despite your edit. Assuming you: downloaded https://web.cs.dal.ca/~peter/software/pynauty/pynauty-0.4.tar.gz extracted it to aDirectory ran cd aDirectory/nauty04/ (or otherwise (c)hanged (d)irectory to it executed following commands without a problem or error: ./configure # note this command for later make nauty.o nautil.o ...


Open terminal and write the following: sudo apt-get autoremove If you don't want to do things by hand do the following: sudo apt-get install bleachbit sudo bleachbit and clean your system. If nothing works install python and uninstall it again :)


You need the Python 3 versions of the packages. sudo apt-get install python3-gi

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