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The last section of your log is the one that will help you to find the packages to install as debian packages are not (always) exactly named as stated in the error logs. So you have to install: I: No native package found for espeak (/usr/include/espeak/speak_lib.h) I: No native package found for mpfr (/usr/include/mpfr.h) I: No native package found for ...


Another way that I use personally is apt-file sudo apt-get install apt-file apt-file update Now you can search the packages for the missing files, eg: % apt-file search /usr/include/sasl/sasl.h libsasl2-dev: /usr/include/sasl/sasl.h therefore: sudo apt-get install libsasl2-dev Or another example % apt-file search /usr/bin/cups-config libcups2-dev: ...

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