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In Audacity preferences "recording" tab, you will find a latency setting to correct the delayed playing while recording: try to increase both values . Best latency is obtained using Ardour and Jack server: sudo apt-get install ardour will install both. No need to change the kernel but the file /etc/security/limits.conf must be edited as root: run ...


You can use pavucontrol (pulseaudio volume control, install if necessary). Launch it from multimedia menu, go to the "output devices" tab, and click the green "define as alternative" button that is near HDMI soundcard. If it still doesn't work, look also "configuration" tab and change profile.


I played around with this and I think I found a scheme. The idea is to get a text-to-speech program to output on a dummy sound output, and then have skype use the monitor of that output as its input. Here's what I did: Load the dummy sound card driver sudo modprobe snd-dummy A dummy output and input should appear in the sound settings Install a ...


I finally found a solution (in fact several one): Add threadirqs to my kernel params was better, but this was not enough, I also had to install rtirq-init I then had an (almost) perfect bt sound playback. Another option seems to use linux-lowlatency kernel. I still have to test this, but it should work. What is unclear is the drackbacks (power ...


You may try installing: Low latency kernel: sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency On boot press Shift, to get Grub boot menu, then choose advanced. Similar question: Is it possible to install two kernels and choose one on startup? Default Ubuntu Studio settings: sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-default-settings which contains some audio settings ...


In case VLC does not recognize the pulse:// protocol to record the pulseaudio stream, install the pulse plugin using apt-get install vlc-plugin-pulse.


Just a quick workaround I found out using Lubuntu Trusty Tahr with my Fiio E17 connected via USB: I was also wondering about the bitrate, that's why i found this posts here. But since I listen to music on a rather old Netbook, I did not want to set it to 96/24 by default (cpu is not the fastest) However, what worked for me was to use VLC, and specify in the ...

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