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PulseAudio basically sits atop ALSA, and use it internally. ALSA is unable by itself to be used by multiple applications, so PulseAudio provides this functionality among others. Summarized: ALSA - dealing with the hardware, basically owning it PulseAudio - a software proxy providing additional featues (mixing, equalizer) between your application and the ...


.asoundrc is not created by default. This file is only used to add user-specific parameters as you want to do now. So yes, you can create it manually. You can find more info in the ALSA project wiki.


Firstly, I suggest you to use Skype for Linux instead of Wine. Wine is an emulator. Because of that, high latency for audio that capturing from your webcam is an expected thing. Secondly, make sure that your mic volume not more than %100. Thirdly, make sure that in Alsamixer CAPTURE feed both left and right zero.


They say that this is fixed in kernel 3.16 and can be installed like this in Ubuntu 14.04 at least: sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-utopic This seems to be another issue with the power management of the soundchip, the guide on xps13-9333.appspot.com suggests to disable power management for Intel HDA on older kernels and to run a certain python ...


So, I just set the environment variable XDG_RUNTIME_DIR the same as in my working shells, and it works. I found this page because I had this same issue with trying to get sound to play from cron jobs -- mpg123 seeming to think it plays the file fine, but with no audio. Setting that variable fixed it.


I did the same thing however I looked all over couldnt find an answer anywhere so I decided to investigate myself as I didnt want to reinstall the OS and lose all my files. I investigated the /var/log/apt/history.log and found that the command you and I ran uninstalled a few key packages namely cinnamon for me or if your using gnome it will be that. So to ...


Takkat provided the answer as a comment, so I am writing this "answer" to close out my question. Basically, AirPlay is not currently functioning with Pulseaudio without hack. BUT if DLNA is available on your speakers, which they are on any old Android phone connected to speakers, you can do this: sudo add-apt repository ppa:qos/pulseaudio-dlna sudo ...

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