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Routing sound to different sinks with PulseAudio Yes this is possible, but you need more than one soundcard (PulseAudio calls these sinks) for this to work. Don't worry, if you have something like a headset that is connected via Bluetooth or USB, then this also counts as another soundcard. Using the PulseAudio GUI While you can configure PulseAudio from ...


I know I'm about to revive an old thread, but I have found a easy working solution that fixes the problem. From : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio To disable loading of the module-suspend-on-idle module, comment out the following line in the configuration file in use (~/.config/pulse/default.pa or /etc/pulse/default.pa): ### Automatically ...


The green rectangle indicates 'hardware' and the music note indicates 'audio', so together they indicate your sound card. For your headset, the black square wit the no entry sign means there is no image available to display, meaning Linux doesn't have a graphic to represent that headset. They are just symbols to make things look nice


Your sound card manufacturer has failed so far to release a Linux driver. From what I have read on different linux forums there is some other driver for another sound card that could be compatible with yours. It looks like the ice1724 driver for the Envy24HT will work for your card in Ubuntu if you have VIA VT1723 chipset present on your sound card. This ...

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