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Instead of configuring every app with the proxy setting, setup a transparent proxy using a proxy server like squid proxy. After configuring the setting all the apps are redirected to squid automatically by the OS. Following link will help you to setup a transpaent proxy Linux: Setup a transparent proxy with Squid in three easy steps


for me the following worked in our company network with proxy: cd /etc/apt mv ./apt.conf ./apt.conf.bak this is to force the system to use the new file we create now. cd ./etc/apt/apt.conf.d create new file "95proxies" and add there the content of the apt.conf file Example: Acquire::http::Proxy “http://proxy_url:proxy_port/”; Acquire::ftp::Proxy ...


Make a new file /etc/profile.d/your_new_file.sh and put the below code in it http_proxy="http://webproxy.mycompany.com:8080" https_proxy="http://webproxy.mycompany.com:8080" ftp_proxy="http://webproxy.mycompany.com:8080" HTTP_PROXY=$http_proxy HTTPS_PROXY=$http_proxy FTP_PROXY=$http_proxy ...


First of all check whether you are able to ping your proxy server using Ubuntu in your virtual box. the command for this is : ping <address_of_the_proxy_server> If you are able to ping the proxy-server, now you can check whether your credentials are correctly set or not.Open the terminal and run env. A lot of information will appear on the screen. ...

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