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There are a lot of reasons that can make a connection fail, even using keepalives and things like that; so you should think about a mechanism to restart it automatically. What I would do is: set up your SSH endpoint so that you can log in with a key in password-less mode: How can I set up password-less SSH login? Prepare a script that do the connection ...


Lets say that the password is 123@456. In that case, the correct wat to escape the @ symbol is this: http_proxy="http://userName:123%40456@proxy:port/" https_prxoxy=same_as_above I've only replaced the @ with its ASCII hexadecimal representation (%40)


Now I know why I didn't understand... Routing is done on a network level and not on a port level. You need to sub-segment your network in 3 separate networks and bind each network to each network card and then have your router route the packets to the correct Ethernet port. As each network card has its own network address, any packets coming in with a ...


The warning is unfortunate. Looks like anything you set for the first time will yield that loud WARNING. Checkout this example: andreas@nsn7:~$ juju unset-env http-proxy andreas@nsn7:~$ andreas@nsn7:~$ juju unset-env http-proxy WARNING key "http-proxy" is not defined in the current environment configuration: possible misspelling andreas@nsn7:~$ ...


here are your possible solutions: if you can't access the server (website) firstly try to ping it to get response: ping twitter.com -c4 you must get e.g.: ping twitter.com -c4 PING twitter.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=246 time=134 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=246 time=132 ms 64 ...


You say you want the connection to automatically restart if it is disconnected. There is a package to do that: autossh. See, e.g. here for how to use it. That link also has a start-up script for making it restart on boot, though that's relatively trivial; it's the restarting on connection failure which is hard.

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