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Desktop is not located at /Desktop rather it is located at ~/Desktop. Thus execute these commands. cd ~/Desktop (for changing directory to Desktop) gcc hello.c -o hello (for compiling C program) Then execute your application by ./hello , if it shows any error change its permissions with chmod +x hello


Then I typed within the terminal: cd /Desktop /Desktop is not the path to your desktop. /Desktop is the path to a directory "Desktop" in / (your root directory). /home/<username>/Desktop or, shortened, ~/Desktop is the path to your desktop. So first change your terminal's working directory to your desktop's path: cd ~/Desktop Then compile the ...


I struggled with this for a very long time, compiling in -m32 mode worked, but it was a pain in the ass, moreover if I wanted to use e.g. -lcrypto, I couldnt compile in -m32 since I didnt have openssl in 32bit installed. So I read through a lot of similar posts, usually advising installing libc6-dbg:i386 ... I think this solved the problem for -m32, but it ...


Since the "gold" result linked indicates only that the demo was tested and runnable under a very old version of both wine and Ubuntu, what I would do is install virtualbox under Ubuntu, install a supported version of Windows on a virtual machine and then install vds 6.0 on the VM. this approach will virtually guarantee compatibility (I've been forced to do ...


Open "Configure Wine" from the dash and try different versions of Windows. It often helps.


Are you running Code::Blocks and or Geany in Wine? I ask because C program files isn't a usual Linux directory. First, install g++ : sudo apt-get install g++ Next: In Geany Compiling and running goes like this: Compile: click this button: Build: Click this button: I think what is happening in Geany is that you are "compiling" which checks your code ...


According to the Geany Wiki: http://wiki.geany.org/themes/start. I prefer Spyder Dark and InkPot. Just move the schemes to the ~/.config/geany/colorschemes/, reload Geany and they will be available in the menu under View / Editor / Color Schemes

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