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There is a very easy and handy way: Using script to make typescript of terminal session Start the command script Start your script If your script is finished, stop script via Ctrl-D Check the output in the default output file typescript To start your command in one step with script, use the parameter -c -c COMMAND Run the COMMAND rather than an ...


if you normally run your script with foo.sh, try running it (assuming it's a bash script) with bash -x foo.sh. If you want everything redirected to file, try bash -x foo.sh > file.log 2>&1 (note I'm redirecting stderr as well, remove the 2>&1 if you don't want this). If you also want to see what's going on, bash -x foo.sh 2>&1 | tee ...


You have 3 opening left parentheses, but only 2 closing right ones. z=$(echo "($p)*($h)+2" | bc -l) In fact, you don't need any parentheses: z=$(echo "$p*$h+2" | bc -l)


Ubuntu comes with gcc (GNU C) compiler, but the rest is up to you. You can install an IDE like geany. Personally I got through my C programming class with nano text editor and gcc. Other languages will require installation, for instance Java. The openjdk is open source version for that and available for installation with apt-get or from software center. ...


I use veracrypt, which is the now active fork of TrurCrypt for these purposes. You can create a encrypted vault and mount it whenever you want.

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