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Another suggestion: open a new tab on your terminal emulator.


You can run it in background: ./myprogram & To resume it from background use the fg command, for example: fg 1 To see all jobs in background, run the jobs command: jobs


1st part of your question - recommendations about what you should and should not : Ubuntu has built-in Desktop Guide, which is a must-read for any newbie (and not also) user. There are tons of tutorials, articles, books and videos which you can read and apply. Every Ubuntu flavour has its own wiki site and documentations. And nearly all application has ...


You can: send it in background (see @Panta's answer) if you can; this is not possible or messy if the program need to do input/output on the console; use another virtual console (by default, you have 6); you can switch with ctrl-alt-F1 to F6 and login; Use a terminal multiplexer like tmux or screen.


According to the Geany Wiki: http://wiki.geany.org/themes/start. I prefer Spyder Dark and InkPot. Just move the schemes to the ~/.config/geany/colorschemes/, reload Geany and they will be available in the menu under View / Editor / Color Schemes

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