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You need to compile your program before you can run it. To do this, you'll need a C compiler, like gcc. You can install this with: sudo apt-get install gcc Then, to compile your program, creating an executable called file: gcc -Wall -o file file.c Which you should then be able to run: ./file


Fabrice Bellard's TCC seems to be still in the repositories. It can run in a kind of interpreter-mode which makes the following possible: You can make a simple C-file executable like the OP tried to do by adding the line #!/usr/bin/tcc -run to the very top of the file. It also accepts input from STDIN by adding an empty option (just the minus sign -) at ...


I found the answer a long time ago but forgot to share it here.1.Yes. The VFS is an abstraction layer that gives applications access to different types of file systems and local and network storage devices. According to here both the generic filesystem code (VFS) and the code for each different filesystem are found in /fs directory.2. So using SystemTap you ...


AFAIK, you have to compile C code before executing it like so: gcc file.c

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