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The numbers you have pointed out are referred to as exit status value of a process. If a process terminates properly then the exit status will always be 0, if it does not terminate properly then the exit status will be some number other than 0. You can found the exit status of the last executed command by running the following in the terminal: echo $? ...


One way would be to send the SIGSTOP signal to all of your brother's processes: sudo pkill -STOP -u brother To awaken the stopped processes, the SIGCONT signal is used: sudo pkill -CONT -u brother You can use an Upstart session job, one which would run when you logged in or out or locked or unlocked your screen. For example, create a .conf file in ...


Using Zenity What can relatively easy be done is to: generate a Zenity message to mention your script is waiting for a pid to appear. The window will be automatically closed if the pid appears in the output of ps -p <pid>, ps -e or any other ps command, run by the script. Example Below is the procedure how it can be done. I am using python in ...


Yes. It is possible to have multiple init processes. In the olden days before Upstart, there was just one init process (where PID = 1). Now, with Upstart, there's the original init process (where PID = 1). But, when a user logs in, a new init process is created for that user session. Thus, that is why you see the second init process (where PID != 1).


You can add an optional --sort= specifier e.g. ps -e --sort=args From man ps --sort spec Specify sorting order. Sorting syntax is [+|-]key[,[+|-]key[,...]]. Choose a multi-letter key from the STANDARD FORMAT SPECIFIERS section.


Check which application is taking higher resources. Find the pid of that application using the command pidof "application name" without the quotes. sudo kill -STOP "ID of the process" Then once you have completed your work use the below command to start that stopped process. sudo kill -CONT "PID that you have killed earlier" Give it a try!

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