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I've done some digging on this issue. I have found a way on how to get the Canon LBP6020 printer working. My Ubuntu version is 16.04 64-Bit with the Canon CAPT Printer Driver Version 2.70. Firstly I had to setup Ubuntu so it could install 32-bit packages. Even though we're installing 64 Bit Canon drivers, some parts of the installation will need 32-bit ...


I just went into one of my PHP files in gedit (Ubuntu 16.04). It does come up nicely color-coded. I then did ^P, selected an HP Photosmart C4100 series printer in the print dialog. All the color-coding printed beautifully. It worked painlessly for me. I hope this helps. Will that printer print color from another application?


You don't need a "driver" if you have the properly prepared PCL file. You just copy that file to the USB(?) port the printer is attached. First find the printer with lsusb Find the output line for the printer, looks like: Bus 001 Device 013: ID 03f0:3112 Hewlett-Packard Look in /dev/bus/usb/001 and you should see the character device 013: crw-rw-r--+...


If you have downloaded the cnijfilter...gz package from Canon's website, you should have what you need to get your printer working. Assuming that you downloaded it to the Downloads folder, execute these steps: Open the Downloads folder in a file manager Find the cnijfilter...gz package and extract it into the Downloads folder. Depending on how your ...

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