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I found cpulimit. $ sudo apt-get install cpulimit # for installing cpulimit $ pgrep process_to_limit # getting the pid 1234 $ cpulimit -p 1234 -l 30 # -p pid -l percentage_of_cpu_to_use But it looks like cpulimit only uses the pid of a running process or executes a program. That means you need to find a way (bash script) to execute ...


Since you have said that the dbus method is fine, that what I will post, plus some extra. There is a way to turn off the screen through dbus service: qdbus com.canonical.Unity /com/canonical/Unity/Session com.canonical.Unity.Session.ActivateScreenSaver/ There is also a way to programmatically alter brightness to lowest setting, namely qdbus ...


In Ubuntu Mate 15.10 x64, I had the same issue. In the upper corner of Mate, Go to System > Administration, then to LightDM GTK+ Greeter Settings and enter your password. In the next window, click upper right on Misc., there you will find Timeout Until The Screen Blanks and it will be set at 1 Minute by default. Just move the slider to the left to ...


For several people, this was an issue with NVIDIA drivers and was solved by installing the latest proprietary drivers. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers (or sudo apt-get install nvidia-current) I hope it will work for you!

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