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You should not run kate with sudo, that leads to such issues. Instead, use kdesu kate. Now, assuming that some permissions in your home directory got messed up, use this command to find all files in your home directory that are not owned by you (sudo is added in case you have a directory that is inaccessible by your user due to insufficient permissions, ...


You could try reinstall Kate from the terminal: sudo apt-get install --reinstall Kate and the reconfigure Kate: sudo dpkg-reconfigure Kate and it might work fine this way.


As you can read in the error message Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.gmaven:gmaven-plugin:1.5-jenkins- 3:execute (default-cli) on project proactive_source: The parameters 'source' for goal org.codehaus.gmaven:gmaven-plugin:1.5-jenkins-3:execute are missing or invalid -> [Help 1] The id in your file is >default-cli but should read default-cli for the ...


For some of you this shell script might be helpfuel. It parses the first occurence of the em:id tag in the install.rdf (described by Bruno Pereira) #!/bin/sh var=`grep -m 1 -e em:id install.rdf` var=${var#*\>} var=${var%<*} giving you the id (including the {}) Cheers

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