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From a 7+ year experience I can say the following: I have tried Wine since around 2005-2006. Also tried Cedega (Dead for me after Wine 1.2 came out) and PlayOnLinux (PoL for short). I have also seen how the developing process in Wine under Ubuntu has been quickly catching up to the latest games. For Wine installation and configuration please see How to ...


Workaround on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and up Note This workaround requires a working launcher for your Wine application. Here's a tutorial on how to create one. The workaround also applies to applications installed with PlayOnLinux scripts. More recent versions of PlayOnLinux automatically add the StartupWMClass line to their launcher. Instructions Open your ...


Answer updated: as of September 2015, only steps 1, 2 and 3 are required for a 100% working League of Legends on Ubuntu 14.04 I've finally solved all problems and League of Legends is working 100%. Here is a comprehensive tutorial on HOW TO PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ON UBUNTU 14.04. Install your video card driver (in my case, I have a NVIDIA GeForce ...


Did you check the repositorys? Type the following commands: wget -q "" -O - | sudo apt-key add - sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install playonlinux If you already did, running sudo apt-get update && ...


You'll need to run a virtual machine. Wine won't be able to handle it. Look into install VirtualBox (not necessarily the best but easier). You'll need to create a windows VM and then once you have windows installed install Visual Studio. If you're looking at equivalent IDEs. Qt Creator, Eclipse, KDevelop, Anjuta, Intellij can all act as possible ...


You can try Wine, but per the Wine application database, Visual Studio generally works poorly under Wine: From this Wine site page: What works nothing, install fails What does not n/a What was not tested n/a


Simply open the software centre, search for 7z, click on 7zip, and click install; to make it even easier click: and then click on the


You can use the Mono Development IDE to write .NET code in Ubuntu, rather than trying to use a Microsoft product in a non-Microsoft OS (which others have rightly pointed out is never going to be supported, easy, or in MS' best interests). It has most of the features of Visual Studio, and will run faster and be more stable. To install monodevelop, use ...


Installing from the Ubuntu repository: PlayOnLinux is available in the Software Center on Ubuntu versions from 12.04 and up. However, if you want the latest version, you will need to add the PlayOnLinux repository. Installing from the PlayOnLinux repository: The following example is for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS wget -q "" ...


True, "Linux is virus free" is a myth. And it's also an extremely inaccurate and vague sentence. You can read a lot on this topic, and there are a lot of articles explaining you what kind of "virus" (believe me, it's the wrong word to define such things, but let's use it for this discussion) are out there, how a "virus" may harm you, and how unlikely this ...


Update: PlayOnLinux have finally added this feature so you do not need to do this manually any more! But you still have to add "$(echo "$@" | sed -e 's:/*/:\\:g')" in the end. First make sure you are showing hidden files by open homefolder. Click on edit then preferences and tick the bar. Close the window. Then you type the command sudo nautilus Type in ...


First Unmount it: sudo umount /media/(diskname) Then mount it where you want: mount -t auto /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom0 I think there is another (easier) solution to your problem: just make a symbolic link: sudo mkdir /media/cdrom0 sudo ln -s /media/(diskname) /media/cdrom0


First of all, you need to have PlayOnLinux 4.1.1 (It won't work with 4.0.x) To upgrade PlayonLinux to latest version, go to this link : Choose ubuntu, and follow the instructions regarding your distribution. Then go to PlayOnLinux options -> File associations (.docx -> Microsoft Word 2010) You need to enter ...


With winetricks and a 32-bit WINE prefix. Be in mind, that PlayOnLinux use a separate wine prefix for each installed applications. For this reason, you have to use your WINEPREFIX: sudo apt-get install winetricks WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine32 winetricks dotnet40 But as you can read here, the installation script for osu Script is outdated and no ...


Open term and type this: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full Worked for me ;)


Sorry to give you the wrong answer, but I really doubt this will ever be truly supported. Some people might actually get it working someday, but Microsoft will most certainly never support this officially; or even make things easy for the community, for that matter. From what I know, running the MS Office suite itself is horribly painful, it becomes more ...


The answer is yes. In fact the other two are also based on Wine. Considering just Wine, see this question. But later versions of MSOffice, 2007 and 2010, are much easier to install in Wine than older versions like 2003 and XP. For 2007 and later see my other answer. (Personally, I was not able to install msoffice xp or 2003 in Wine, although I deem it ...


In order to activate Office with a KMS you will have to edit a number of registry values. So first start the Wine registry editor for your office prefix: Open PlayOnLinux Choose Configure Select Office 2010 from list of installed applications on left Click on the Wine Tab Click Registry Editor Next you will have to navigate to the key ...


You need to make sure mesa-utils is installed:


This is where you will find your icons or place your custom icons in here: $ cd ~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/256x256/apps/ $ ls 1DF1_PicasaPhotoViewer.0.png . . . 29F5_WINWORD.0.png 850A_EXCEL.0.png AA79_POWERPNT.0.png Go to the following directory: $ cd ~/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/Microsoft\ Office $ ls Microsoft Excel 2010.desktop\ ...


Go to your World of Warcraft wine drive folder, go to the WTF folder and then edit your file and add this line at the end (or modify it if already exists): SET gxApi "opengl". This will make your wow.exe use opengl everytime you run it.


Well, that made my day! :D Let us see... Linux is not exactly virus free. If you let a certain malicious script run, it might install some little programs to steal your information. Though, the system is built in a way that it should warn you of a script wanting to run itself as root. Now.. you said the viruses were found on PlayOnLinux, which is a wine ...


From man uname: -a, --all print all information, in the following order, except omit -p and -i if unknown: -s, --kernel-name print the kernel name -n, --nodename print the network node hostname -r, --kernel-release print the kernel release -v, --kernel-version ...


Configure PlayOnLinux to use wine 1.7.33 instead of 1.7.22 for Office 2010. That should fix it. See also: Wine forum: "DW20.exe error trying to run Office 2010"


I am not sure how but after enabling Desktop Icons (using the ubuntu-tweak-tool), everything is back to normal. See this answer:


Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own custom Linux system, entirely from source code. If do you want a more basic level, you can try this tutorial


If you have Wine as well as PlayOnLinux, here's what you do: Go to your Wine's system32 directory (~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32) and rename riched20.dll and riched32.dll so that they're backed up. Download RichEdit30.exe (I got it from here or here) and save it to that same system32 directory. Run "wine richedit30.exe" and button through the dialogue. ...


Maybe in ~/.playonlinux/wineprefix/Microsoft\ Office\ 2007/dosdevices/c:/Program\ Files/Microsoft\ Office\ 2007 ?


The Easiest solution: Open the nautilus or other file browser, Click with the right bottom of mouse on a doc(x) file, properties, Open With, Add Application, Use a custom command, and use: playonlinux --run "Microsoft Word 2007" '"z:%f"' Do the same for other filetypes as Excel, Powerpoint, and others..

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