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Assuming that the server allows remote access, from Mysql.com: MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 4.2.2 Connecting to the MySQL Server, run this command: mysql --host=<mysql_server_ip_address> --user=<mysql_username> --password <mysql_database_name> If the server doesn't use the default MySQL port (3306), append the --port argument ...


Use this command mysql -u <username> -p -h db4free.net


Fairly old question, but still relevant on searches. phpMyAdmin uses plain PHP for config files, and the $cfg['Servers'] array to get the configured servers. So the proper way is to add a new config file in /etc/phpmyadmin/conf.d for every server you want to add. It's only required to end the files name in .php to get them included, but it's a good idea to ...

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