PHP initially stood for Personal Home Page but as it evolved into a full-fledged server-side language, it was renamed with a recursive title "PHP Hypertext Pre-processor".

The languages uses a syntax simliar to conventional C, but it has its own set of functions.

Being a server-side language, PHP cannot receive user inputs. However, inputs sent from a program such as a web browser can be received by PHP on the server.

After PHP version 5, the language became truly object-oriented. Other languages that fall into the same category include

  • ASP (Active Server Pages) - a more Windows-oriented language.
  • JSP (Java Server Pages)

From the inception, PHP has been used with MySQL for building database applications. Both being open-source tools, have made the duo like bread and butter. However, in recent years, more DB platforms have got popular with PHP and these include MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL and more.

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