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Some Nokia suite that might work for you: Nokinux - Nokia PC Suite on Linux - Launchpad Nokuntu - Unofficial Nokia PC Suite for Ubuntu! Also it is better to search for an answer first here on AU, then to just ask it: Posts containing 'nokia suite for ubuntu' - Ask Ubuntu nokia suite for Ubuntu - DuckDuckGo


Right now all versions of Ubuntu's phone OS are try at your own risk. You can learn more at the links below: Ubuntu Phone - Official Page Ubuntu On Air - Developer live streaming - Ubuntu Phone is almost always a topic


To fix installing the SDK first install ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev Then install the sdk: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk


Ubuntu Phones are almost ready to hit the market. They'll be around very soon. In your tags, you are referring to the Ubuntu Edge. It is not available to anyone who did not take part of the (failed) crowdfunding project. That sucks. You can, of course, install Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus phone or tablet. Or, you can just wait for the Meizu MX3, Ubuntu Touch ...

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