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When you install Ubuntu 14.04 now, it will be 14.04.3. Download-Link -> Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS - 64 bit version This edition comes with kernel 3.19, which runs great. In April Ubuntu 16.04 will be released with kernel 4.4. It is recommended to stick with the installed kernel. The kernel is a special version, modified for Ubuntu. This guarantees ...


The default governor is set to "ondemand" and will only max out if needed or under system load. The CPU will not clock high under low load. To set the CPU to a static frequency, use "performance" and set the max_freq to the desired frequency.


I used htop for years and I finally found how to get Cpu Utilization by numbers and percentages, I am surprised I have missed this. htop iowait image Press F2 Arrow to "Available meters" Highlight CPU average F5 or F6 to add to column Arrow to the item "CPU [Bar]" Press F4 till you get "CPU [Text]" You can also get IORates F2->Columns->Available ...


Did you know you can use more than one kernel on a distribution? If you want to try different kernels, is always a good idea to have a back-up one that you know that it works (the default kernel of the distro is perfect) just in case. But, in my experience, for anything related to realtime (so that would include if you broadcast livestream or record ...

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