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Once data goes into swap, it is normal for it to stay there even once your memory starts to free up again. It is a good thing and there is no need for concern. Due to hard disk access being significantly slower than memory, your system will avoid swapping data in or out of swap when it doesn't think it is necessary for system performance or stability. So, ...


Be sure to use the Proprietary NVIDIA drivers instead of the open source nouveau. You can switch this in the Update Center: Now that I made this whole guide I realize this might actually not be a solution to your problem after all, as I misread that you are not new to Ubuntu. I still hope you or someone find their way with it. lol


The slowness will quickly clear up on its own as the swapped out data is brought back in when it is needed. It won't be swapped out again as long as you have plenty of free ram, but plenty of other data that you have not accessed might still remain in swap, waiting for you to actually need it again.

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