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I am not sure if a server installation of Ubuntu is really the right way to go, because of what you are describing sounds like a job for archlinux or similiar to me. You will need to do a lot of customization on your system, which is when a "take a base system and add anything needed" approach is easier than a "use a full-fledged installation and remove ...


All this iso images contains a squashfs image of the file system. Bevor the start it will be copied into the RAM. In most cases this is the slowest part of booting a LiveCD. SquashFS Image file for Ubuntu 14.04.1 64 Bit: 984MB CD/DVD: 21,12 MB/s - Reading speed USB 2.0: 32MB/s - Reading speed It takes 04 minutes and 17 seconds to copy the squashfs file ...


This is one of those applications where you basically start subtracting until you break something and then back off. Like for instance, I don't think your robot is likely using zeroconf which is the avahi daemon, so uninstall it. Do you really need networking? Or better, boot into single user mode (append 1 to kernel cmdline) and then see how many services ...


Which size division are you in? I realize this may not be the answer you're looking for here, but for something time critical like standing up within 10 seconds, I would go with an embedded platform. If you have the space / power budget, you should consider sticking something like an arduino on the robot, and programming some open-loop stand-up behaviors. ...


Try reducing storage buffer to 4 MB. In /etc/sysctl.conf write: vm.dirty_bytes = 4194304 vm.dirty_background_bytes = 1048576 also maybe reduce writing time to 3 seconds vm.dirty_expire centisecs = 300 vm.dirty_writeback_centisecs = 300 Please comment if this helped or not. Thank you.


Your intuition is correct, there should not be a significant performance problem in the case of an XBMC box. If you think about it, this is almost exactly what the Raspberry Pi does, although technically it uses an SD card rather than a USB drive.

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