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My first impression is that Wine is a simulated Windows environment which uses free (and presumably open source) libraries as an alternative to Microsoft's proprietary libraries. Those libraries produce the same input and output, yet use alternative means to process the data. This would explain why there is very little performance hit. Yes, that is ...


Complementing the answer of Carlos D. Barranco, you can edit the launcher file located in /usr/share/applications/dropbox.desktop and permanently set a low priority start for dropbox. In my case, it was also useful to limit the processor usage of dropbox. You can install package cpulimit: # apt-get install cpulimit For example, to limit dropbox up to 20% ...


12.04 may run well in 2D mode (you can choose it at log in). I found that Ubuntu in 2D mode takes about the same amount of resources than Xubuntu, so try 2D first. If that doesn't run fast enough then Lubuntu is a good choice for the amount of RAM you have installed. I expect your WinXP installation is running slow due to fragmentation issues, or various ...


Ubuntu studio is nothing but Ubuntu with some special music/video related softwares. The customisability of Ubuntu(or GNU/Linux in general) that you can install any linux software on any linux distro (doesn't mean it will work). So you can do everything that you do on Ubuntu, on Ubuntu studo as well.You can develop, test do everything.

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