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Because you only have 1GB of RAM! That isn't the only problem, but it is part of it. Simply, your computer can't handle the intensity of Unity's graphics. Windows XP is not nearly as CPU / Graphically intensive as Unity, the default desktop of Ubuntu 11.04+. It is based on compiz and has all sorts of fancy graphics, such as the see through dash and the ...


Here are some ways to optimize ubuntu for performance: 1. Optimize disk access with noatime: Each file and folder on your linux system has a file-creation timestamp and a modification timestamp. Apart from that, linux tries to keep track of “access time” for each of these files. Now keeping track of the access time has its performance-cost, and if you want ...


Two things: 1) Ubuntu 14.04 uses Unity 3D, which is based on Compiz. The whole thing is rendered through hardware-accelerated OpenGL. This is fantastic if you have good drivers and a good video card, not so much if either is missing. There is absolutely no need to switch distributions. Just install a lighter desktop environment, log out, and log back in to ...


Install ccsm, open terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T or from the dash) and paste line below: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager Run it from the dash or in terminal ccsm. Choose OpenGL in General category and change Texture Filter from Good/Best to Fast. Go back and choose Ubuntu Unity Plugin in Desktop category and change Dash Blur from Active ...


There's also gnome-session-flashback which should look familiar if you have used previous iterations of Ubuntu. Apart from having a similar look-and-feel, it is also less resource-intensive.


Sysstat is your friend, assuming you are fine with using the command line. Have a look for examples here for memory usage, and here for cpu usage.


top has a batch mode (-b) that generates output without the screen control codes. By adding some other switches and options, you may be able to focus in on the stats you need and redirect it to a file or other program for processing.


Have you tried Glances ? Refer this link, it has some thing in common. System Monitoring Tools For Ubuntu Best of luck !!


End of life for Ubuntu 12.10 is May 16, 2014. Ubuntu 12.04 is April 2017. However Ubuntu 14.04 is already out and is most updates one. Hence, please use that to be at the better side. Now, for the performance issue; go to Software Center and type "LXDE" and install the first option. You may use this command in terminal as well: sudo apt-get install lxde ...


Need to use opensource driver radeontop is a small utility which allows one to monitor the utilization of Radeon GPUs starting from the R600 series and newer using undocumented performance counters in the hardware. The utility works with the free drivers. So, it does not work with the proprietary driver. If you are using xubuntu or lubuntu or ...


I believe what you are looking for is ubuntu's 2d mode, but it was removed in 12.10. I found an article that mentions a way to disables some of the additional eye candy. I'm not sure if this is still available in 14.04, but you can try it by adding 'export UNITY_LOW_GFX_MODE=1' to the '.xprofile' in your 'home' folder. If you want you can just run the ...


You are extremely likely to have 2 relevant bottlenecks: the low amount of RAM available to the system, which in some cases is even less then the nominal value, for example if your GPU is stealing some RAM from the system the total amount available to the system is obiviously 1Gb - WhatTheGPUIsUsing the slow HDD. Tipically old notebooks have a 5400rpm ...

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