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you need the following commands: export INCLUDE="/home/acerv3-571g/boost_1_58_0:$INCLUDE" export LIBRARY_PATH="/home/acerv3-571g/boost_1_58_0/stage/lib:$LIBRARY_PATH" you can execute them in a terminal to set these variables in the current terminal session. If you want to make them permanent, you have to add these lines to your .bashrc


Try this export PATH="$PATH:/opt/activator-dist-1.3.5" Open a terminal and type source .profile Then type activator


Your current "zsh terminal" has to be told to reread ~/.profile to see the changed contents. source ~/.profile should do the trick.


Right click the image on web Select Save image as … Select your USB drive Click Save button


Open the web page and right click on the picture Save the picture Open your Download folder (the standard folder for that) in Nautilus, the folder is shown in the pane on the right hand side Plugin your USB drive, the drive is shown in the pane on the right hand side Move the image from the Download folder to your USB drive


Really this answer will consist of two parts: mounting as storage mounting over PTP mounting as storage It's just same as any other USB it will be mounted under the directory /media mounting as PTP To mount as PTP you probably need a package called gphotofs sudo apt-get install gphotofs When you connect over PTP, gphotofs will be responsible for ...

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