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you can find all information related to device from disks utility available in Ubuntu. inform about full path of device. (e.x. /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1) partition type serial number size of device and model name.


There are two ways a path can be specified. Absolute paths Absolute paths always start with a /. This means the starting point of the path specification is fixed. No matter where your current location is, an absolute path will always point to the same location. The only exception is when you use a shell shortcut, such as ~, at the start, where the shell ...


You don't need the initial / while at /usr/local/ to go to /usr/local/java. The correct command using relative pathname: leonard@leonard-MT6452:/usr/local$ cd java/ leonard@leonard-MT6452:/usr/local/java$ pwd /usr/local/java You can also take help of bash_completion by just typing cd j (provided there is no other directory started with j) and then hit ...

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