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Yes, I was reffering to mate-desktop, and the panel applets, also called launchers. The info I was looking for is in: /home/user/.config/mate/panel2.d/default/launchers


Devil's Pie (devilspie) supposedly the easiest way to get this done, but it doesn't work as expected under Xubuntu 12.04/14.04. I have tried this myself on Xubuntu 14.04, for example, to hide the Dictionary (xfce4-dict) application window from the taskbar. Open a text editor and type: (if (is (window_name) "Dictionary") (skip_tasklist)) Then, save as ...


The easiest way is to use an RSS indicator programme plugged to the Panel. A few options: Feed Indicator - possibly the most feature rich. Yarssr - available from the Software Centre. Tickr - available from the Software Centre. Then you just need to add a feed from a sports ticker website such as the one from the BBC.

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