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If you have Xubuntu 15.04 (xfce 4.12) you can make panel to be inteligent hided


Open up the hidden file named .gtkrc-2.0 in your home directory with any text editor you want. If the file doesn’t exist, create it. If you want to change the background color of the menu window add something like this: style "darkback" { bg[NORMAL] = "#404040" bg[ACTIVE] = "#606060" bg[PRELIGHT] = "#808080" } widget "whiskermenu-window*" ...


I suspect this would not be recommended (for the reasons given below) but here's my way around things (assuming that you're already using gurqn's systray-trusty ppa): sudo apt-get -s purge unity unity-services libunity-core-6.0-9 sudo apt-get install unity=7.2.4+14.04.20141217-0ubuntu1-systray-ppa1 ...

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