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In the case libtool/libtool-bin, I think an OR relation might work: Build-Depends: libtool-bin (>= 2.4.2-1.10) | libtool (< 2.4.2-1.10) The version numbers are that of utopic, when the split was imported from Debian. Note that in 2.4.2-1.10, libtool still depends on libtool-bin. The dependency was reversed in 2.4.2-1.11, which is why this change is ...


Found the problem, It appears that dch will open an editor if it doesn't get all the information that it considers mandatory. So in order to create a debian/changelog without opening an editor I've found that the following combination of options is sufficient: dch --create --distribution unstable --package "pkgpkg" --newversion "some nice ...


I think equivs is the easiest. You can install with: sudo apt-get install equivs With "equivs-control" command you can create a blank spec file and build your deb package with "equivs-build" command.


That depends on what you intend to do with it. dch picks up on the VISUAL/EDITOR variables to determine the editor, and the only condition is that it understand/ignore an initial option of the form +n. So I can do: $ cat edit.sh #! /bin/bash shift sed -i 's/UNRELEASED/trusty/' "$@" $ VISUAL='bash edit.sh' dch -i $ head -3 debian/changelog mypackage ...

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