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After unpacking the *.debian.tar.gz file, you can use the dch commands to create new changelog entries. For example, dch -i would (probably) bump up the version to 1.67-1~precise~ppa2. You can instead use dch -v "1.68-1~precise~ppa1" to specify the new version. Note that dch can also take in another argument that represents the message for that changelog ...


In the case libtool/libtool-bin, I think an OR relation might work: Build-Depends: libtool-bin (>= 2.4.2-1.10) | libtool (<< 2.4.2-1.10) The version numbers are that of utopic, when the split was imported from Debian. Note that in 2.4.2-1.10, libtool still depends on libtool-bin. The dependency was reversed in 2.4.2-1.11, which is why this change ...

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