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Basic Information Regarding installation I am quoting the appImage project page here: AppImages can be downloaded and run without installation or the need for root rights. Making it executable You can make the appImage executable as follows: chmod a+x exampleName.AppImage Executing it You can execute an appImage as follows: ...


The basic idea might look similar between the two systems, but there are some design differences between snaps and Appimages. Some "big" ones that come to my mind are: Security, in terms of confinement. Snap packages run in a sandbox and they are not allowed to escape from it and reach other parts of the system that they should not touch. This is a ...


While snap focuses on Ubuntu only, AppImage is cross-distribution and also runs on Fedora, debian, openSUSE, CentOS etc. AppImage needs no runtime or infrastructure support from the Linux distribution and therefore runs next to everywhere. It enables application authors to ship their software directly to Linux users like the do for Windows and OS X; without ...


According to its publishing history, its removal was requested by the Debian Quality Assurance Team, which provided these two reasons: It's orphaned and dead upstream (the release in the archive was released in 2007). It depends on Gstreamer 0.10, which is scheduled for removal from the archive. In a related request it was suggested that Exaile be ...


if the package you're installing has no .desktop file, it will not be shown in Unity Dashboard. you can always make a .desktop file for a package to be shown


The easiest way is apt-get, but this answer only deals with packages where you have downloaded something through another means. If it's a .deb file, you can just double click on it. It will open Ubuntu Software Centre, and let you install it. If it's an archive, you should first unpack it. After that, you typically need to install it from Terminal. I ...


Oh certainly-- start here for detailed documentation. Also take note of the Snapcraft examples, a few of which are specifically Python.


Ypu can download it from here. Not sure thought why it was removed (it is marked as "deleted" there), so pay attention when installing it (it might break something else).

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