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Yes. Source code that requires compilation will be compiled when building the binary package; see IntroDebianPackaging at wiki.debian.org for instructions on how to create a source package containing source code that requires compilation.


Click is still in use for the Ubuntu Phone, but that will migrate to snappy pretty soon. Snaps in 15.04 are the new click, but even they are still in development. The target form of snaps will be in 16.04 LTS, where they become compressed filesystems, so totally self-contained and totally, provably, immutable. That's where we finally get the perfect ...


No. Without you explaining more, the only thing you need is a control file inside a DEBIAN folder with the right permissions. Here's everything, from which you can pick and choose what you need: https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ $ ls -R mypkg mypkg: DEBIAN mypkg/DEBIAN: control $ cat mypkg/DEBIAN/control Package: mypackage Version: 1.0 ...

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