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What are these packages? Consider this real life example of what a package is: packages are what UPS delivers on your doorstep: exactly that what you ordered from somewhere packaged neatly collected in 1 box. An Ubuntu package is exactly that: a collection of items (scripts, libraries, text files, a manifest, license, etc) that enable you to install ...


In terms of just tracking what's available, if you can rely on your local repositories to do the work for you, it's quite easy. You can just use apt-cache to see what the current linux-image-generic meta-package points at. I've fluffed it up so it just returns the kernel version. sudo apt-get update apt-cache depends linux-image-generic | sed -n '2s/.*: ...


You can check in this PPA the kernels for each Ubuntu release. Hope it helps


Did you try to just install it like this? sudo apt-get install steam For some reason installing steam through USC requires you to log in with Ubuntu One, but at least in 14.04 you can just install it like that.


http://packages.ubuntu.com/ provides you information about all the packages available in the Ubuntu Package archive. Where you can Search package directories and Search the contents of packages Visit About this site. Whereas Launchpad is a unique collaboration and hosting platform for software projects. It brings communities together — regardless of ...


The OP solved the problem himself in the question: I solved by running: sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice-core libreoffice-common python3-uno libreoffice-* for some reason removing each package separately has failed but in the same command - it worked

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