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I also have this problem with a fresh install on my laptop. What works for me is the following: sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-settings Then run: nvidia-settings And under the PRIME Profiles tab on the left of the Nvidia settings window switch to your Intel GPU instead of Nvidia GPU.


An Intel Core i7 process has 4 physical cores. core0 through core3 are the temperatures of each of these physical cores. The temperatures seem perfectly within normal operating range. According to the Intel ARK page for your i7-2670QM processor, 48C is well within accepted parameters (max 100C). Temp1 and Temp2 are typically temperature measurements at ...


You have a few options: (higher numbers are more difficult) 1/ Go to your BIOS and disable the NVIDIA card entirely. (refer to the operator manual of your machine as all BIOSes are different) 2/ Buy an refrigeration laptop cooler. (basically a mini-fridge for a laptop) 3/ Close the laptop, unplug all power cords and batteries, turn the machine on (yep: ...

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