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For Havana setup the name of environment variable changes. I got following error while creating tenant before creating any of the auth user:- Expecting authentication method via either a service token, --os-token or env[SERVICE_TOKEN], or credentials, --os-username or env[SERVICE_ENDPOINT]. For resolving this issue with Havana setup, you have to ...


In my 3 node openstack instance (ML2 - OpenVSwitch - GRE tunnel) I had to set MTU to 1400. The default MTU was 1500. Experiment with various MTU sizes.


Juju itself doesn't care. It is up to the charms that you deploy to handle the situation, or not. So this isn't really treated as a problem at all; it's merely a difference between what Juju supports, what charms typically support, and accepted best practice. I don't think this answer is specific to the manual provider. It applies to all providers. Most ...


At present Devstack/Havana release supports only till ubuntu 12.04. You may try to install it in 14.04 however there might be issues in that. Please read devstack's Select a Linux Distribution here www.devstack.org


It looks like this wasn't actually kernel related, but instead for some reason upgrading to the 3.14 mainline kernel caused TSO to be enabled on the bridge, tap, and other interfaces that OpenStack automatically create. After running ethtool -K [interface] gro off tso off on each qbr, qvb, qvo, and tap interface, virtio driver returns to good performance. ...


You currently can't run nova-compute in LXC, this is a known limitation and we're working to solve that for 14.10/juno.


The Icehouse charms are in the Juju Charm Store, in certain cases they might be in the ~openstack-charmers namespace: This page has the information: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/OpenStackCharms If you install charm-tools you can use the charm command to get the source code of these charms for your current series, or you can be ...

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