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I'm curious if you downloaded the calculator/clock snaps from the store? or did you package those locally? I'm assuming from the store, if so, it would be interesting if you could try to package those locally and sideload them. You can find them from lp:snappy-desktop-examples Also here's an interesting link on the topic of nvidia gpu and failing to load ...


I found the answer from this thread ( [Alt] + [F10] and then open terminal from the menu that appears. then type ccsm in to the terminal. in there search for unity plugin and enable it. It asks several questions because enabling it conflicts with another. After enabling it the unity launcher and menubar appears.


I do notice that once in a while compiz would freeze up on me and cause the environment to freeze also. Maybe try removing it to see if that changes anything? edit: im talking about the gui manager


had also that flickering with KDE on Kubuntu 15.10 running on a i5-3320M with integrated HD4000. it was really annoing my when i played games like mincraft in fullscreen. After i stopped the compositor, no Fullscreen flickering. I acutally set startup without the composer, that is my soulution. All other methodes written above had no affect. Maybe this is ...

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