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Found the solution VMware Fusion 6 supports OpenGL version upto 2.1. So if even GPU (Graphics Card) support the version 3.x or may be 4.x but VMware Fusion 6 can only provide support upto version 2.1


try ctrl-alt-f2 login type: sudo update-grub sudo reboot


GLAMOR is an acceleration library merged into the X.Org Server 1.16 that provides 2D acceleration implemented over OpenGL so X.Org DDX drivers no longer need to implement 2D-specific code-paths. GLAMOR is designed to be universal amongst OpenGL / OpenGL ES supported hardware. Ubuntu 13.10 To install it on Saucy install the following package: sudo apt-get ...


I believe you have an Optimus Laptop. As such, this Ubuntu Wiki Entry on Bumblebee. You did not buy a laptop with a full NVIDIA board. The Intel board computes the pixels etc and offloads the rendering to the NVIDIA board, under high load. Set up your X Server installation to use your Intel Chipset, then install the Bumblebee on top of it


Try to install the latest driver for your video card: Open a Terminal with Ctrl+Alt+t and type: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nvidia-current Then restart your system to see if proprietary drivers helped to get OpenGL 3.2 support. You can see the supported version using the nvidia-settings utility:


I GUESS, it is a problem with the nvidia driver. Reading the link you posted, on how you installed bumblebee, I see that you installed the nvidia driver manually. My suggestion is to change runlevel by pressing: STRG + ALT + f6 then stop the window-manager sudo stop lightdm and uninstall the nvidia driver sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia Since you ...

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