A project for fixing the minor but annoying usability flaws that are too low priority for developers to focus on. You should use this tag if your question relates to this project.

This tag is for questions that relate directly, and sometimes indirectly, to Ubuntu's One Hundred Paper Cuts project. The questions with this tag will act as a knowledgebase that will help the reader better understand the project and its goals.

Questions that should have this tag are broad and general questions about how the project operates. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Anything that relates to the definition of a paper cut. For example, "Do localisation issues count as paper cuts?" is a valid questions.
  • Anything relating to what the project will be doing in a given development cycle. For example, "Will Unity be a focus of the paper cut project during the Raring cycle?" is a valid question.

Question that should not be asked with this tag are specific and very localised and will cease to be relevant a few days after it's asked. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Questions related to specific bugs. For example: "Does bug #105892 count as a paper cut?". This is too specific to be useful to anyone reading the question later, and this question should be asked on the Paper Cut Ninja mailing list.

  • Questions asking for a bug, originally rejected as a paper cut, to be reconsidered. Again, these should be sent to the mailing list instead.

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